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The Alternative Education League provides youth, ages 17-24, the unique experience of participating in competitive sports while obtaining their GED, HS Diploma or receiving work force development training. This opportunity positions youth to constructively use their time through experiences that have a beneficial impact on their emotional, mental and physical health and wellness. The AEL may be the only opportunity that allows them to demonstrate their athletic abilities in a safe environment with peers they may not otherwise interact with. When observed, it is apparent that our youth show authentic, supportive regard for one another and dynamic positive teamwork. They begin to commit to constant personal growth and self-actualization, recognizing that personal action and living with a purpose increases awareness of the many tangible opportunities available.

From our experience, we have learned providing a fully functional, organized competitive sports league that incorporates the diverse alternative education programs is a recipe for success. The AEL has become a platform to consistently engage the transient population of over-aged, under credited youth. All participating programs have seen a direct correlation between increased enrollment, attendance and retention rates for youth who participate in this competitive league. These outcomes have positively contributed to our program's success, expanding the AEL from four Washington metropolitan area teams in 2012, to now 26 teams with over 250 youth in D.C., Baltimore, Cleveland and Canton. 

To holistically address all participating player’s needs, the DeLoren Foundation has partnered with Catholic University School of Social Work in Washington, DC to offer "life coaches" as a best practice. Students in the School of Social Work receive clinical hours while working individually with participating youth and their families. We hope to model and implement a similar partnership in each city the AEL operates with local colleges and universities. Additionally, we have recently established a partnership with the Historically Black College League in hopes of creating a pipeline and support system for AEL players to attend college, participate in sports on the collegiate level, and ultimately become working professionals.  

Contact Us

Contact Us

Alternative Education League: 1530 A Street NE, Washington, DC 20002

Phone: (202) 271-7993

St.Vincent-St.Mary National Tournament

Midwest Region

Washington, DC Region

About Us

The Alternative Education League is proud to bring you organized competitive sports leagues for students in alternative schools, night school programs, GED and career development programs. 

"Now I know how Lebron felt" - Student Athlete, Luke C. Moore - Washington, DC

"Our players definitely picked up their attendance at school by approximately 20%" - Administrator, Life Skills Academy - Cleveland, OH

"I have been calling certain parents all year hoping for a conference. I met more parents in the 3 weeks of games !!!" - Administrator, Life Skills Academy - Cleveland, OH

"This team has let us get to know each other. I thought I had a problem with him, but he's cool" - Student Athlete, Life Skills Academy - Cleveland, OH

"If only I can replay this day!" - Student Athlete, Excel Academy - Baltimore City

Baltimore City Region

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Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS)

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The AEL was created and organized by The DeLoren Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization. The DeLoren Foundation's mission is to promote and support the growth and development of youth through exposure, education, access to resources, and community programming. We are thankful to have an organization such as TDF leading the charge.